Me :)

Yo Guys!

This time, my post is not about Kpop, and is not about EXO.. its all about ME!

yup! hmm, my PMR examination had already finish.. and right now i'm freaking out to wait the result.. i hope i got 5A or 4A or at least 3A...

Seriously i want to get out from my current school .. Why ? cause its boring! but, yeah we will see if my request is accepted or not ..

My ambitions ? actually i don't know what i want to be when i grow up.. I want to be a doctor. but i scared of blood. I want to be a police. But i can't run that fast and i easily tired. I want to be a detective. it is too risky.

So what i'm supposed to be ? a singer ? yeah, right! if you don't want me to break your mirror or window i suggest you to closed my mouth. A dancer ? I LOVE DANCING. but i suppose to learn it from small, now i'm already big, i'm not that flexible anymore.

URGH!!! it so complicated..

Hmm, actually right now in middle to save some money, to buy a guitar... yeah, a guitar.. i want to learn how to play guitar/ I Love the way Chanyeol play guitar it make me really really want to learn it.. But i don't know how much is guitar cost...

Thats all for now.. i think.. well you see, i'm not American person, so my english grammar is so so so bad.. heheh..

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