I am sad as Baekhyun's Cousin and therefore leave a post. As baekhyun and baekbeom (will refer to as 2baek)'s cousin, i am so mad i leave this post. As you all know, it was beom's birthday and as a relative, i was already there early but as people started arriving, young people i have never seen before appeared and disrupted us, stood there, sat on the chairs that were for guests, etc. There was no reason for so many young people to be at this wedding so i asked if they were from the bride's family and they randomly asked, "did baekhyun arrive yet?" "when is he coming?" and such. I knew exo was popular, but i didn't expect them to come to a wedding ceremony, my head felt really weird. As more people arrived, beom was out in the lobby greeting the guests, they were standing there and touching their cameras and camcorders. 

About 30 minutes before the ceremony, baek and exo arrived and i couldn't even ask how he was doing after not seeing him for one year. I was pushed here and there it was just crazy; and the lobby wasn't even a small place yet it was packed with people and at least half of them were following exo and screaming or flashing their cameras. We eventually called the workers and sent them out, but for the 5-10 minutes they were there, they messed the place up and Baekhyun was apologizing to everybody, relatives' expressions didn't look too great... The bride heard the noise and was shocked in the waiting room and as baek was talking to the bride, i was next to them and he continuously apologized and looked very pitiful. It makes me mad although the ceremony went out like planned, i was still kind of upset.
[She basically just says in the last paragraph she didn't notice she was typing a lot and since a lot of exo fans would see this post on this portal site, she posted here and thanks for reading]

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His Face : 

Look, if this whole situation happened at me, I will seriously blown up! i mean, imagine our only brother wedding and the idiot sasaeng fans ruined it!!


OMG!! i don't know what to say.. seriously if you are really EXO fans, you have to respect their privacy... Poor Baekhyun... EXO try their best to make EXOtics happy! but this is what you give to them ? ruined their only brother wedding ? stalk them ? 

Sometimes i hope EXO never exist. Why ? well, even they exist they never happy with their life! yeah, their dream come true to be an idol.. but this is not what they expect it to be.  

Please if any 'SASEANG FANS' read this.. i hope you guys stop... do you want EXO sad all day, because of you guys ?

they just hope one things, please respect their privacy! they also a humans.. an ordinary humans who have a FEELINGS!  they are not an alien... one day, when they blown up, someday, when they let it go what they feel.. when they mad or cying infront of you guys, don't regret it! because this is all you fault! REMEMBER!

i'm not saying all this because i'm biased, YES! i'm an exotic but this too much for them...


edit 30.9.13 : I'm really sad when i found this. i an useless fans! if i can, if can protect them! now EXO blame themself!

and also i found out that Sasaeng fans had threat Baekhyun :


Sehun-ah, i guess i agree with you! i think you guys should disband EXO. Yes, Exotics will sad.. You guys also will sad cause your dream will be ruined but if this case continue your life will be danger especially our Bacon since the 'saseang fans' had hated him right now. But! i don't said that you guys should stop your dream especially when you guys have a lot of talents.. maybe you can be like 'Shut Up Flower Boy Band' i mean they also disband the group but they always together! I just don't to be selfish girl!!!. or you guys just bear with it... i mean we see the flow~ if the saseang fans continue their 'activity' you guys should do something! don't worry EXO Oppa-deul, You guys got a LOT of fans i mean a TRUE FANS! more than the 'saseang fans' so don't worry! we always ONE! WE ARE ONE! We Always support you no matter what decisions you do! and i hope someday Saseang Fans will stop their disgusting 'activity' :D bash me for what i care.. cause seriously i don't care since you guys are weirdo and overdo! URGH! i just hate themm HAHAXD.. no offend. Seriously (-..-) -Evelyn 

Chen stated “Instead of having influence on us, sasaengs giving trouble to neighbors or people that has no part of thiss, which makes us made.” 
Kai stated “There are times when I’m really worried. When fans are gathered, we want to greet then in the car but the public order would be break, so we have no choice but to bear with it. In addition, since EXO is famous for having sasaeng, people look at our other fans like that which makes us more upset.” 
The person who’s face got most dark was D.O. “Reporter, I really have something serious to say.” he opened. “I can’t remember all our fans’ faces. But since we have so many sasaengs, I formed a victim mentality. It’s serious to the point where even when I see normal fans, my emotions change. I was already on the side of afraid of strangers and alert but because of the sasasengs it worsened and my personality changed.” 
Chanyeol confessed that his phone number was going around the sasaengs and that it is hard for him. He stated “While I was doing Kakaotalk, 600 people would pop up as recommended friends. I was really surprised. Every day I would get a text from sasaengs and they would send me ‘hearts’(game life) from the game ‘Anipang’ and it’s really hard. And sometimes they would joke around and add all of our members in a group chat. And few days later they would invite another artist.” 
Baekhyun stated “Should I take pictures of the sasaengs in front our house and upload it?” as the other members replied, “if you do I think they’ll like it”, he replied “they would cuss at us, for us to hear, if we treat them as invisible people and walk pass them. That gave me shock.” Kai stated, “when we go home, not to our dorms, we have to secretly go like the ‘007 plan’” We asked the Chinese member, Luhan, “what is sasaeng to you?” and he answered strongly and shortly “stress” 
Source: SeoulSports 
Trans credit: babododioh


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